Established in 1956.

St. John the Baptist School was built in 1955. In August 1956, six Sisters of Mercy came from Ireland and in September 1956, Saint John the Baptist School opened with 200 students in grades one through four. Over the next four years, the school added grades five through eight. The first eighth class graduated in 1961. In 1960 the primary wing was added.

The year 1986 saw the start of the Endowment Fund. The fund was established to assist Saint John the Baptist School families with scholarships for needy students, to fund enrichment programs and eventually to offset tuition increases.

One of the school’s proudest accomplishments occurred in 1988 when the school received a National Award from the US Department of Education for Excellence in Education. The criteria for this award included a review by the Department of the school philosophy and goals, curriculum, student acheivement, character development and the school’s relationship with the community.