The Mission of St. John the Baptist School is to ensure quality education and form mature Christian persons who actively contribute to the community.

Student Learning Expectations

We are Academic Achievers who embrace a positive growth mindset and a fundamental love of learning, think critically while working to achieve academic excellence, work to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow, understand the importance of being a lifelong learner while sharing our abilities with our peers and actively contributing to the classroom and community.

We are Responsible Citizens who strive to understand and appreciate our differences, while building healthy and respectful friendships and community, develop a positive self-awareness to realize our greatest potential, engage with our local and global communities to affect positive outcomes through prayer and peaceful action, demonstrate responsibility by communicating honestly and taking ownership for one’s own actions.

We are Christian Leaders who live our Catholic faith every day at home, in church, in the classroom, and on the playground, work to mirror Jesus’ words and lived example by showing respect, empathy, compassion, tolerance, and understanding for each other, as well as our environment.