Tuition 2019 – 2020





Tuition Assistance Resources

To be considered for financial assistance, families are required to submit an application accompanied by a copy of their most recent income tax return. All required financial assistance forms must be submitted to the school office when school registration forms are due. Applications, as well as deadlines for Financial Assistance resources maybe found at the links at the top of the right hand corner of this page.

  • The BASIC Fund provides scholarships on a first-come, first-served basis to families in financial need. The awards are based on household size and income and cover up to $2,000 of the tuition per child each school year.
  • F.A.C.E. – Family Aid for Catholic Education provides financial need based tuition grants to students who attend Catholic schools in the Oakland Diocese.
  • A limited amount of financial aid is available from the St. John the Baptist Tuition Assistance Program. After you create a FACTS account for F.A.C.E., you can apply using FACTS login information.

In addition to a family’s financial resources, the administration will consider all other relevant circumstances in making tuition assistance decisions.

The Registration fee per student is $500.00. The fee secures a place in the class for a student and is therefore non-refundable.

The P.T.G. Budgetary Assessment is set annually. Families must pay the assessment fee either annually or in 10 monthly payments. The current P.T.G. fee is $200.00 per family, per year.