The CYO (Catholic Youth Organization) Program is a parish program, but is open to all students of St. John the Baptist School.  Currently, boys basketball is offered in the Fall to students in grades 2-8 and girls’ volleyball is offered for students in grades 2-8 in the Fall as well.  Track and Field is open to the students in grades K-8 in the spring.

The St. John Athletic Club strives to meet the philosophy and goals as set forth under the Athletic Program. We abide by the Oakland Diocese Catholic Youth Organization’s rules and guidelines for all sports. Parents and coaches are welcome to attend monthly meetings.

The Athletic Program at St. John School is open to all eligible students of St. John School and returning CCD students who meet the CYO grade, age and gender criteria for each sport event described below. Other students residing within the parish boundaries can be included in the sports program if there are not sufficient students from the school and CCD to form a team. Must be approved by Athletic Director. All players must have all registration packets completed and all fees paid prior to participation in any sport.