PTG/School Board

St. John the Baptist School takes pride in its very active Parent–Teacher Group. By selecting a Catholic School, parents have chosen a special kind of education, one in which they have the right and responsibility to participate. St. John the Baptist School PTG provides opportunities for participation, support and communication within the school community. All parents are urged to attend meetings and functions of the PTG.

One of the primary tasks of the PTG is the coordination of fund–raising activities. Monies raised by PTG functions are used to off–set school expenses, to help curb tuition increases and to provide needed capital equipment.

All current school parents and registered guardians, principal, teachers, office administration, PTG Board Members and Officers are members of the PTG. Student Council members are invited to participate in board meetings as observers in order to represent the interest of the student body of St. John School.

  1. Provide supplemental financial support to the school through various fundraising efforts. Supplemental financial support is limited to operating expenses, school and community building activities.
  2. Develop and establish good relationship with the parish and broader community by participating in either Parish or Community outreach activities.
  3. PTG meetings are held once a month on the first Wednesday at 6:00p in the school library. There will be at least one general meeting usually during Back to School Night. PTG Executive Board meetings are held as needed.
Current Board Members

School Board/PTG

Fr. Thuong Nguyen, Pastor
Dina Trombettas, Principal
Lisa Rosa, Assistant Principal
Chad Zullinger, Assistant Principal
Lena Beasley, Co-President
Merci Richardson, Co-President
Michelle Covey, Treasurer
Cathy Quidachay, PPP Hour Representative
Kristen Bryant, Head Room Helper
Gilberto Haro, Member
Les Perez, Member