St. John the Baptist Preschool

New students’ registration is year round, depending on the needs of your child. Applicant families shall complete all required documents in the Preschool Enrollment Packet, available via email ( or in the front office. The Administration will make all registration decisions in the best interest of children. With our recent expansion, we welcome 2 year olds who are learning to master going to bathroom on their own – still in diapers!

Being a community based program, we do welcome one and all, with siblings of older (K-8) continuing students in good financial standing being top priority. When our program becomes fully enrolled to capacity, a waiting list of students who have met the criteria in the application form and who have no outstanding balances with St. John the Baptist school will be created. Priority on the wait list will be established by administrative leadership. The waiting list will be updated throughout the year in conjunction with spring registration.