Registration & Tuition

To insure a spot in Preschool, a registration fee is due upon enrollment. Registration is $500.00 for the 2020-21 school year and is non-refundable. A year contract/commitment to attend preschool is required. The rates below are for regular preschool session as defined by the St. John the Baptist School calendar.




Sibling Discount

An annual $500.00 discount is given to families who have a sibling(s) in grades TK-8 program. Families who are already receiving tuition assistance from our St. John the Baptist Tuition Assistance Fund do not qualify for this $500 discount.

Additional Financial & Service Commitment
Parent Participation Hours (PPH)

Each family is required to work 20 Parent Participation Hours over the course of the academic year. If you have a child in St. John the Baptist School, your PPH will cover your preschool obligation.

Parent Teacher Group Fee (PTG)

Every St. John the Baptist family is charged a $200 PPP fee in addition to the volunteer hour commitment. This will now be collected with tuition payments.  Families will have the option to pay the $200 fee all at once with the first July 2018 tuition payment or will have the option of having the payment spread out over 10 or 11-month tuition payments.